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BlackRock Global Technology

BlackRock World Technology has been a technology-focused mutual fund operational since 1999. The fund intends to deliver long-term growth by investing in global technology firms. With a net asset value of more than $10 billion and a history of steady returns, BlackRock World Technology has earned favor among investors seeking to benefit from the fast expansion of the technology industry.

This article will provide an in-depth analysis of the BlackRock Global Technology fund’s performance. In addition, we will discuss the elements that have led to the fund’s performance and the aspects that investors should consider before participating.

Comprehension of BlackRock Global Technology

The BlackRock Global Technology mutual fund is an actively managed vehicle that invests in global technology businesses. The fund aims to offer long-term gain by investing in firms with above-average profit growth potential. The fund invests in large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap equities. The fund is managed by Dennis Stattman and Tony Kim, who have over 50 years of combined investing industry expertise.

BlackRock Global Technology’s Result

Throughout the years, the BlackRock Global Technology fund has been one of the top-performing technology mutual funds. From its inception in 1999, the fund has achieved an average annual return of 20.98% as of January 31, 2023. The fund has generated an average annual return of 26.75% over the previous five years. The fund has significantly beaten its MSCI Global Information Technology Index benchmark. The fund has returned an average of 23.57% each year over the last decade, while the benchmark has returned an average of 17.94% per year.

Helping BlackRock Global Technology’s Success is the Following

Diversity is one of the important characteristics that has contributed to the success of the BlackRock Global Technology portfolio. The fund invests in equities from large-cap to small-cap corporations. This diversity reduces the risk of investing in a single or a few firms.

The fund is actively managed, so the fund managers choose and purchase companies based on their research and analysis. This enables the fund to capitalize on market opportunities and trends.

Emphasis on Growth – The BlackRock Global Technology fund invests primarily in businesses with above-average profit growth prospects. This indicates that the fund invests in firms anticipated to expand faster than the average market growth.

Global Reach – The fund invests in technology firms from the United States, Europe, and Asia. This enables the fund to capitalize on growth possibilities in various locations.

Emphasis on the Long Term – The fund seeks to deliver long-term growth by investing in firms with the potential for sustained profit growth. This emphasis on the long term enables the fund to remain involved in firms that may face short-term volatility but have good long-term growth potential.

BlackRock World Technology Investments

Consider the following criteria if you contemplate investing in the BlackRock Global Technology Fund.

Tolerance for Risk – The portfolio invests in volatile technology companies. Before investing, investors should examine their risk tolerance.

Investment Objectives – The fund is ideal for investors seeking long-term growth.

BlackRock Global Technology’s Investment Approach

BlackRock Global Technology bases its investment strategy on the assumption that technology is the fundamental engine of long-term economic development. The fund strives to invest in firms at the forefront of technological innovation to provide investors with long-term financial appreciation.

The fund’s investment team uses research-driven analysis to identify firms with solid fundamentals and good development potential. This procedure comprehensively reviews each company’s financials, management team, competitive environment, and development prospects. In addition, the team performs frequent corporate visits and management meetings to be abreast of each firm’s most recent advancements.

BlackRock Global Technology manages a broad portfolio of technology equities from throughout the globe. The fund invests in various industries, including software, electronics, and internet services. Its diversity mitigates risk and positions the fund to capitalize on opportunities in the global technology sector.

BlackRock World Technologies Portfolio Investments

As of December 31, 2022, BlackRock World Technology’s portfolio had 74 specific equities. The fund’s top 10 holdings represented around half of its total assets under management. Below are the fund’s top 10 holdings as of that date:

  • Apple Inc.
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Alphabet Inc.
  •, Inc.
  • Tencent Holdings Limited
  • Facebook, Inc.
  • NVIDIA Corporation
  • Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • ASML Holding N.V.
  • Alibaba Group Holding Limited

As can be seen, the fund’s portfolio is significantly weighted towards large-cap technology businesses, with several of its top holdings being industry giants. Yet, the fund also invests in smaller firms and developing technologies, giving a balanced approach to investing in the technology industry.

The holdings of the fund’s portfolio are subject to change as the investment team continually evaluates and adjusts the portfolio in response to market circumstances and new possibilities. Notably, the fund’s portfolio is actively managed, meaning that the investment team makes investment choices based on their research and analysis instead of just trailing an index.

History of BlackRock Global Technology’s Performance

BlackRock Global Technology has a solid track record of providing investors with consistent returns. During the previous decade, the fund has beaten its benchmark, the MSCI Global Information Technology Index, with an average annual return of 21.51%. (as of December 31, 2022).

As with other mutual funds, it is important to note that previous performance does not always indicate future outcomes. But, the fund’s solid performance history and competent investment team give some assurance that it will continue to provide profits over the long run.

BlackRock Global Technologies Charges and Expenses

Like other mutual funds, investment in BlackRock World Technology is subject to charges. While assessing the fund’s prospective returns, it is crucial to account for these expenses.

Compared to actively managed mutual funds, the fund’s net cost ratio of 0.22% is quite low. This implies that each $10,000 invested in the fund will incur $22 in fees.

Additional expenses may be connected with investing in the fund, such as sales charges or redemption fees, in addition to the net expense ratio. It is essential to thoroughly analyze the fund’s prospectus and accompanying papers to fully comprehend the expenses of investing in BlackRock Global Technology.

Investing in BlackRock Global Technology: Benefits and Disadvantages

Like any investment, investing in BlackRock World Technology has benefits and downsides.


  • Exposure to the world’s most prestigious technological businesses
  • Diversification between large-, mid-, and small-cap firms
  • Management team with a track record of accomplishment
  • Minimal minimum investment requirement


  • The fund’s cost ratio is quite high at 0.85%, indicating that investors would pay greater fees than comparable mutual funds.
  • The fund invests in businesses in various areas, such as consumer products, financials, and technology firms.


BlackRock Global Technology Fund is a high-performing fund that invests in international technology firms. This fund is an excellent option for anyone wishing to acquire exposure to the technology industry since it has a track record of providing superior results.

As mentioned throughout this article, the fund’s investment strategy, management team, and assets contribute to its performance. By concentrating on firms with significant growth potential and solid financials, the fund has regularly beaten its benchmark index and offered investors superior returns.

BlackRock Global Technology Fund is an excellent choice to explore if you want to invest in the technology industry. With a seasoned management team and a concentration on high-quality firms, the firm has a reputation for providing superior long-term returns to clients.

Before making any investment choices, it is essential to do your research and talk with a financial expert. Nonetheless, if you want to gain exposure to the technology sector via a mutual fund, BlackRock Global Technology Fund is an excellent option.

BlackRock Global Technology: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. BlackRock Global Technology: Is it a solid long-term investment?

A: BlackRock World Technology has a great track record of providing consistent long-term returns, and its investing approach focuses on picking firms with attractive growth potential. But, as with any investment, there are inherent risks, and previous performance does not always indicate future outcomes. Before making an investment choice, thoroughly studying the fund’s strategy, portfolio holdings, and fees is essential.

Q2. How does BlackRock World Technology compare to other mutual funds focusing on technology?

A: BlackRock World Technology has a great track record of providing steady returns, ranking among the top-performing mutual funds in its category. There are, however, additional technology-focused mutual funds with potentially distinct investing strategies and portfolio holdings. To decide which matches your investment objectives, it is essential to thoroughly examine each fund’s prospectus and other information.

Q3. What is the minimum investment needed for BlackRock Global Technology?

A: The minimum amount necessary to invest in BlackRock Global Technology may vary by investing platform or financial institution. It is essential to carefully analyze the fund’s prospectus and accompanying papers to establish the minimum investment amount and any other applicable limitations.

Q4. How frequently does BlackRock World Technology’s portfolio undergo rebalancing?

A: BlackRock World Technology is an actively managed mutual fund, meaning its portfolio is continuously examined and rebalanced in response to market circumstances and new possibilities. The fund’s portfolio holdings may be altered at any moment depending on the research and analysis of the investment team.

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